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Saturday, 3 December 2011



Kadang2 keinginan manusia membolehkan manusia mencapai sesuatu yang amat sukar dan mustahil bagi kebanyakan orang lain. Bagi Graham Short, 65 tahun yang telah mengukir kesemua nama penjaring gol(38 orang kesemuanya) bagi England di pusingan akhir Piala Dunia bukanlah suatu yang mudah, dan perlu hadir bersama keazaman yang kuat untuk melihat ianya berjaya. Masa yang diperlukan untuk menyiapkannya ialah 5 bulan. Botox dan pil meta-blocker antara keperluan dalam mengukir nama2 tersebut.

[Klik translator untuk bahasa pilihan anda] ENGRAVER Graham Short has hand-carved the names of all 38 England World Cup scorers on to a single football STUD. The 65-year-old also managed to fit the Three Lions emblem on the tiny metal piece. It took Graham five months to complete the piece after he had to restart 30 times thanks to mistakes. The committed craftsman takes beta-blocker tablets to keep his heart rate steady while he works on the design. He even has Botox injections around his eyes to keep the muscles as still as possible.

Graham said: "I do a lot of swimming as well — the fitter I am the slower my heart rate is. "My workshop is a small building and I don't go in till 10pm. I work at night because even the vibrations of a lorry going past in the day could cause me to make a big mistake. "I wear a stethoscope and try to engrave in between heart beats. If I see a mouse, I have to go home straight away because I am scared of them and know I won't be able to stay dead still when I engrave. "I only have to move slightly and I have to start over from the beginning."

Graham produces his work with the aid of a 400x microscope and has honed his craft for more than 50 years. He decided to make his latest miniature after realising it was exactly 60 years since the England team had first been accepted into the World Cup. Graham, from Birmingham, said: "I decided there and then I would mark the occasion with a special piece dedicated to the tournament and England's involvement. "I was anxious to select an engraving subject that would be as close to the heart of my subject as possible."

He discovered that 38 different players had scored in the 14 tournaments England have played in, and decided to make that his theme. He added: "I always strive to make my projects as seemingly 'unattainable' as possible. "With this in mind, I also decided to add the iconic Three Lions Emblem to the stud and arrange the goal scorer names around it." The work of art was bought for £30,000 by a Premier League ace playing for a North West club. The stud has been donated to the new FA museum in Manchester, which is due to open in early 2012.


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