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Monday, 28 November 2011



BERTEMU nenek berusia 45 tahun dengan kuku terpanjang di dunia. Pemuzik Walton Chris, atau The Dutchess kerana beliau dikenali di atas pentas, berhenti memotong kuku beliau 18 tahun yang lalu dan kini mereka telah mencapai satu yang luar biasa kuku sepanjang 20 Kaki. Walaupun demikian ini tidak menghalangnya melakukan tugas seharian. Dedikasi menakjubkan terhadap kuku dia telah diiktiraf secara rasmi oleh edisi 2012 Buku Rekod Dunia Guinness.

[Klik Translator untuk bahasa pilihan anda] MEET the 45-year-old grandmother with the world's longest fingernails. Musician Chris Walton, or The Dutchess as she is known on stage, stopped cutting her fingernails 18 years ago and now they have reached an incredible 20 FEET. The bizarre nails curl in all directions, yet the mother-of-five cooks and cleans — and even plays the piano with them.
Her amazing dedication to her nails has been officially recognised by the 2012 edition of the Guinness World Records Book.

She painted her talons a dazzling gold for the occasion. Chris, from Las Vegas, Nevada, said: "It's just like growing a long beard, or long hair. "I didn't grow my nails deliberately — I just stopped getting manicures and started taking care of my nails myself.

"Instead of clipping them back, I'd file them in as they grew. "I think they got this long because I don't pay attention to them. I sometimes even forget they're there." Chris strengthened her nails using acrylic on the outside and inside of the nails. This also helps to balance the weight on each hand.

Chris claims to have only lost a nail once when she fixed her car engine on the freeway. She claims she has no trouble otherwise and leads a normal life. "Other people think I'm very fragile when they first meet me, but they soon see that I can do everything. "In my next life, I'm going to grow my nails and pretend I can't do anything for myself so that people will do it all for me.

"My daughters don't cater to my needs, I do everything. "I would never be stupid enough to stop my life so that I could grow my fingernails. "I'd rather have the attention for my music." Chris is well-known as The Dutchess in California and Nevada where she has been singing and playing her music since the age of 14.

She has just released a single called Live and Let Live, which she believes sums up her attitude to life and how being different does not have to push people apart. She said: "I believe we were all put on this earth to be different. "We should just live and let live, and be positive."


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