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Friday, 18 November 2011



PC Anthony Wallyn setinggi 7kaki2inci menjadi anggota polis tertinggi di Britain. Pelancong seringkali ingin bergambar dengannya memandangkan saiznya seumpama 'giant' itu.

[Click Translator untuk bahasa pilihan anda] THIS is one cop no criminal is going to mess with - the 7ft 2in man-mountain is Britain's tallest police officer. And with a reach of almost a metre, PC Anthony Wallyn is the real long arm of the law. The towering cop is so tall he has to have his giant uniform specially made and he walks his beat in size 17 boots. When Anthony wears his policeman's helmet he stands at a staggering 7ft 10in. But despite his lofty stature dad-of-one Anthony is known as the BFG by colleagues in the Met Police because of his friendly nature.

The rugby-playing officer who joined up two-and-half years ago has become a bit of a celebrity with tourists queuing up to have their picture taken with him on the beat. And even criminals he chases down with his 23st frame have been known to ask for a souvenir snap before being brought to book. Anthony's inside leg measures a whopping 37ins and he has a 56in chest. He said: "It was quite funny when I first joined the force because there wasn't a uniform big enough so I had to spend 15 weeks in civvy clothes which the rest of the my colleagues thought was very amusing."

Anthony, from Coulsdon, South London, lives with his fiancee Danni, 26, and their not-so-little boy Joshua, who aged two is already as tall as a four-year-old. The rest of his family also have the tall gene - his older sister is 6ft 3in, his mum is 5ft 11in and his dad is 6ft 1in. Anthony said: "To be honest 99 per cent of the reaction I get is positive, especially from tourists who will queue up to have their picture taken with me.
"My old beat was near Trafalgar Square so I did get a lot of attention and when I'm near the Houses Of Parliament everyone wants to take a picture of me near Big Ben.

"In the job it is sometimes handy being so tall because I can see over the crowds in big public order situations and watch out for any trouble. "People know when I'm there at work because they can see me from everywhere as well." Anthony, who plays second row for his police team MP Hayes, said he hopes to train up to join the elite TSG unit in the Met tackling major incidents of disorder in the capital. He said: "I do get called some names for my height, like BFG and Tiny, and some of the public when they've had a bit to drink like to say 'is it snowing up there?'.

"In the West End when people are having a good time and the alcohol is flowing it can be a challenge but I don't let it get in the way of the job I'm doing. "Lads in the rugby team also call me 'The Freak', but it's all good fun." A spokesperson for the Police Federation - which represents 124,000 officers - said they were not aware of any police officer taller than Anthony. The shortest bobby on the beat is 4ft 10in PC Sue Day. The 37-year-old is so tiny she also has to wear a custom-made uniform. The tallest man living is Turkish farmer, Sultan Kösen, who measured in at 8ft 3in earlier this year.

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